Paramedic Jobs

Paramedic jobs are some of the most challenging, rewarding and varied in the world. Working as a paramedic is a great way to change (and save!) people’s lives, live in a fast paced work environment, and be well remunerated for doing so. Unlike many other jobs that help people, paramedics have a high level of technical training that’s recognised worldwide and paid very highly.

Paramedic jobs vary significantly in stress levels, shift length, pay, and conditions depending on which health system you’re working in, whether you’re in a densely populated area, and what sort of equipment you have to work with.

Operating in remote locations can mean long shifts and long drives, and often you’re the only emergency medical personnel who will be able to deal with emergencies for a lengthy period. Working in a dense, busy urban environment means a higher volume of call-outs, and a greater variety of situations to respond to.

Finding the best paramedic jobs

Being a paramedic is hard work, and burnout rates are high. Increasingly aware of the cost of a high staff turnover, healthcare systems try and minimise burnout amongst paramedics by rotating shifts and locations fairly frequently. More and more, paramedic jobs are contract based, putting you in one location for a year or two before shifting you elsewhere.

For this reason, as your career as a paramedic progresses, expect to relocate regularly, especially if you’re working on an inner-city deployment. If you’re working in a rural area, then there’s a greater chance you can ‘stick it out’ for a few years and get settled into a routine.

As you can see, entry level paramedic jobs require a great deal of flexibility. Long and shifting working hours, frequent overtime and long call-outs, and a high stress job all mean that being a paramedic can place pressure on your relationships and family. If you have young children or are planning on having them, think about what your work as a paramedic will mean.

Finding the best paramedic jobs once you’re in the industry is a matter of searching, networking, and keeping your skills up to date. Paramedic qualifications change regularly and need constant updating. When your skills are directly involved in saving people’s lives, there’s no excuse for being anything less than exceptional at your job.

Complete your training with an eye to your ongoing opportunities. Make sure to keep in contact with your teachers and the experienced paramedics who were involved in your training. With years of industry experience and contacts, they’re great places to start sounding out opportunities. Assuming you were a diligent and attentive student, most teachers are more than willing to provide references or contacts if you ask them nicely.

Paramedic Jobs For The State Health Systems

This is where the bulk of paramedic positions are going to be. It’s expected that as a freshly qualified paramedic, the best place for you to get experience under your belt is going to be your government’s health system. Whether that system is national, state or region based, there are certain common characteristics of public health services that are universal.

In Australia, each statutory ambulance service (other than Queensland) requires training to a Certificate IV level as the entry level for all basic life support providers. The State of Queensland is more flexible however and allows entry to the service at either the Certificate I level or at Certificate IV. All state health systems are meritocratic in their recruitment processes. This means that, once again, the prepared and qualified are going to have the best time of this. All paramedic jobs require a minimum certification, but the more lucrative positions – which, coincidentally, are also less stressful and much better paying – are going to go to the best qualified, and, in case of a tie, the most experienced.

What does this mean? It means that you should be relentless in your professional development. Seek out constant opportunities to train yourself, take refresher courses, volunteer wherever possible, and keep diligent records of everything you’ve done to improve yourself. Your approach will pay serious dividends down the track, so don’t slack off.

Exploring Other Paramedic Job Markets

Of course, public health isn’t the only arena a paramedic can find work in. With some intelligent job hunting, you can find your skills being used in all manner of jobs you probably hadn’t realised existed. Travel companies like cruise ships, overland travel and adventure tourism all need qualified personnel.

A paramedic with a few years of experience is an invaluable asset for companies wanting to visibly look after their clients. Having a skilled medical team ‘on board’ is invaluable, and many paramedics wanting a change of scenery have enjoyed half a year or more’s cruising around the world, tending to scrapes, bruises, seasickness, and the occasional serious malady that can befall a group of retirees at sea.

Of course, there’s also the opportunity for lucrative overseas paramedic jobs. Remember that most of your skills are internationally transferrable – best practice in paramedic procedures is nearly universal. After all, people all over the world break their legs and have heart attacks in pretty much the same way.

There are waves of understaffing issues in many countries around the world, and most health providers will work with an international applicant to ensure their qualifications are recognised locally.

Fancy spending a year or two on contract in Europe? As a skilled paramedic, that’s not at all difficult. Medical staff generally have a very easy, streamlined experience when working internationally, with visas and work permits more readily granted to them than other professions.

As you can see, there are many ways that paramedic jobs can be rewarding, exciting, and lead to a satisfying career. We hope you stay and look around the website for more specific articles on all elements of paramedic jobs and paramedic job-finding. Especially if you’re looking to branch your experience out internationally or overseas, there’s bound to be something here for you!

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