Paramedic Jobs Abroad

Paramedic jobs abroad give qualified, experienced paramedics the chance to expand their horizons, travel, and make progress in their careers. Jobs abroad can be a challenge to locate and then win over other applicants, but with perseverance and an intelligent approach it can be achieved. The results are worth the effort.

Paramedic Jobs Abroad

Working as a paramedic is hard, tiring, stressful work. Many paramedics need a break or a transfer after a few years of being in such a high pressure environment. In addition to the normal pressures of the job, the high levels of overtime and draining shift work can lead to burnout in paramedic staff.

Unfortunately, many paramedics feel the need to transfer to other, less rewarding departments, or take breaks from paramedic and healthcare work entirely. In the constantly developing world of emergency response and first aid measures, taking time off can cause your career to lag and you to fall behind colleagues in professional development.

A far more attractive option can be to find a paramedic job abroad. A change of scenery and work environment can often be as refreshing as a break entirely. In addition, you’ll be working with an entirely new set of people in a new environment. If you can handle the influx of changes, then you’ll find yourself stimulated and excited by the new setting.

Benefits Of Paramedic Jobs Abroad

Of course, a change of scenery is not the only positive thing about paramedic jobs abroad. Depending on where you go, you’ll find that being a paramedic opens an amazing amount of doors for you. Countries across the world are suffering from a shortage of trained, skilled paramedics. It’s far easier to train someone who’s already experienced into working with local procedures and equipment than it is to train a paramedic from scratch.

Because of this worldwide need for paramedics abroad, governments, who usually control the recruitment of paramedics, can expedite things like visas, immigration paperwork, etc.

Having a working holiday or a work placement in another country for a year or two is far easier and a more comprehensive way of seeing a country than going for a few weeks holiday. The difference between visiting and living in a country is profound; you get to check out all the local haunts, not pay inflated prices for everything, and absorb the local culture and language more completely.

In addition, paramedic jobs abroad often pay spectacularly well. Many countries have lower tax rates than the US, and some places, like Dubai, you pay no tax at all. When you consider that the base salary for a paramedic in Dubai is between US$90-$100k, before bonuses, accommodation allowances, car allowances, overtime and shift rates, the pay can be very lucrative indeed.

Of course, there are provisions for jobs in many countries. If you’re a native English speaker, then most of Europe, the US, and many parts of the Asia Pacific will be open to you. Being bilingual is obviously a plus, but proficiency in English will still open doors for you. Luckily, most of the countries where the demand for paramedics is strongest are all English-speaking countries.

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