Paramedic Jobs Australia

When it comes to paramedic jobs, Australia has outstanding conditions, a great work culture, and is highly recommended for paramedics both in training and also looking to relocate. The Australian Government has placed a high emphasis on bringing more skilled medical personnel into the country in its migration schemes, and qualified paramedics can jump the queues most effectively.

Paramedic Jobs Australia

Paramedic jobs in Australia are well regarded for a variety of reasons. Although the health systems are directly monitored by the State Governments, there are overarching policies that are guided by Federal Government. Australia has some of the worlds most comprehensive industrial employment legislation, and because most of the paramedic employment is carried out by the State health systems, there is little chance of an employer trying to rort a paramedic out of their entitled benefits.

Paramedics in Australia are well regarded by their local communities, and often have a high visibility at festivals, fairs, concerts etc. Unlike other authority figures like the police, paramedics are universally respected for their work. Many taxpayers complain bitterly about the creaking state health systems, but these complaints are directed at the bureaucrats in charge as opposed to the workers themselves.

Working culture in Australia is relaxed and fairly informal compared to the rest of the world. Australians have a looser relationship between managers and employees, without the strictly enforced hierarchies that other countries have.

The cost of living in Australia varies significantly depending on your lifestyle. Owning property in suburban centres in Australia like the major capitals, Melbourne and Sydney, is extremely expensive in relation to other countries. Renting can be affordable, especially in shared accommodation. That said, the lifestyle in Australia is the envy of most other countries. With amazing weather all year round, excellent concerts and festivals, and an internationally respected collection of culture, fine food, wine and art, Australia has something for everyone.

Finding Paramedic Jobs In Australia

Paramedic jobs in Australia are nearly universally funded by the State Governments. Each state in Australia manages its own paramedic workforce. There is a little bit of bleed-through into private industry, but those industries inevitably draw their workers from the state paramedic force anyway, so it’s best to concentrate on the public service.

By Commonwealth law, all vacancies in public service need to be advertised in something called the Public Service Gazette, which you can subscribe to online. This means that you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to apply for Australian paramedic jobs.

Applying for positions in the Australian Public Service (APS) is a unique exercise in itself. Because of the relentless meritocracy of the APS, a huge amount of significance is placed on your ability to answer questions about how well you fit the criteria for what the employers are looking for. We suggest you google ‘how to apply for APS jobs’, or talk to someone in HR about it, because there is quite a unique way of applying that will seem very different from normal job applications.

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